About Us

We Are HeadRoom Audio.

Since 1992, we design and manufacture the world's best headphones and headphone amps right here in beautiful Montana USA.

HeadRoom Audio is the place to find the latest HeadRoom products. So whether its our newest line of headphone amps, reference headphones, DAC units, audio cables or other headphone gear, HeadRoom Audio is where you'll get it all under one roof.

We maintain a historical archive of HeadRoom Audio designs from our three decades of product innovation here. Check it out to see just how far we've come since the dawn of headphone time!

And for the past 25 years at our sister website headphone.com, we have also been headphone fanatics obsessed with helping you find superb personal listening for every taste and budget.

Recently we have been able to completely reinvent HeadRoom Audio (and headphone.com too). So what's that all about? Click below to find out.


Yes, we have an actual mission that guides our work at HeadRoom Audio.


Here's the story of how we originally started HeadRoom Audio way back in 1992.