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HeadRoom Audio Historical Archives

We have been making great headphone amps, DACs and related products going on about three decades now, so there is a lot of HeadRoom Audio gear that has been discontinued over the years to make way for our newer, more advanced technologies.

We still have customers call us to say their 10 or 15-year old (or older) HeadRoom Audio unit is still going strong. If you happen to own one of these lovely old products, then a big congrats is in order - you've got some classic HeadRoom Audio gear built to perform for many, many years!

Below is a fairly complete listing of products we have made in the distant and recent past along with their respective owner's manuals available for download, starting with the most recently discontinued products first. 

Let us know if you have any questions regarding our archived products or if you have an old product from HeadRoom Audio that we somehow missed in our archives - we'll add it right away!


HeadRoom Audio Generation III - Manufactured from 2005 to 2013 -  

'Ultra Micro' Line

The HeadRoom Ultra Micro DAC and Ultra Micro Amp were both excellent little products whose size belied their huge audio talents. We were sad to see them go, but most folks benefited more from our larger HeadRoom Audio 'Desktop Line' amp series (shown below) which provided equal sound quality but better connectivity and features. If you are lucky enough to own one or both of these small beauties, you have some of the best sounding gear per square inch on the planet!

Ultra Micro DAC

Ultra  Micro DAC

The HeadRoom Ultra Micro DAC is able to buffer USB feeds from your computer for vastly improved low-jitter smoothness and re-define and musically improve S/PDIF digital data from optical or coax inputs via a single flick of a switch. It can also source a reference analog signal for your favorite headphone or powered speaker back-end.
Discontinued 2010.
Ultra Micro DAC Manual (pdf)

Ultra Micro Amp

Ultra Micro Amp

The HeadRoom Ultra Micro Amp uses superb TI 627 op-amps, outstanding quality metal film resistors and poly-film caps to completely fill the space right between your ears with magnificent music while taking up very little space on your desktop.
Discontinued 2009
Ultra Micro Amp Manual (pdf)

The HeadRoom Audio 'Desktop Line' Products 

When we first released the HeadRoom Audio 'Desktop Line' of products, there were a total of 72 configurations available.... Yep, we said 72. After a bit we realized this was just waaay too many flavors and began to create some popular pre-configured Desktop Amp versions. Then after another while, we found we still had too many confusing Desktop Line variations, so we made some hard decisions and pared down yet again. What remained was the Desktop Amp, the Ultra Desktop Amp and the Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp. No doubt, these were some truly superb-sounding HeadRoom Audio products!

HeadRoom Audio Balanced Desktop Amp

Balanced Desktop Amp

The HeadRoom Balanced Desktop Amp was an all-in-one balanced Amp/DAC combo.  The Balanced Desktop Amp unit was discontinued in order to make way for the HeadRoom Balanced Ultra Desktop Amp (BUDA) and Ultra Desktop DAC (UDAC) separates, both released in 2009. The Balanced Desktop Amp unit demolished all previous sound, size, and price barriers. It's immersive detail, presence, deeply warm sound and spacious soundstage were high-end audiophile headphone breakthroughs.
Discontinued 2008
Balanced Desktop Amp Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Desktop Millet Hybrid Amp

Desktop  Millet Hybrid Amp

Developed with renown vacuum tube guru Mr Pete Millet, the HeadRoom Desktop Millet Hybrid Amp was an interesting creature - part tube amp (for the output stages), part solid-state design. Hence, a true hybrid topology. These products did not exactly fly off the shelves, but those few audiophiles that loved them became hardcore true believers, and for them it is indeed a very missed odd duck. This was a superior headphone amp for older rock and jazz recordings, as well as a lot of dance, EDM and remix tracks that sometimes tend towards being sharp or harsh.
Discontinued 2008
Desktop Millet Hybrid Amp Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Desktop Amp (multiple configurations)

This HeadRoom Audio 'Desktop' headphone amp with a built-in DAC option easily found a convenient spot on your desktop or nightstand and the huge variety of upgrade choices allow you to personally configure it as the perfect audio interface between your world of analog/digital media and the musical space between your ears.
Discontinued 2008
Desktop Amp Manual (pdf)

2005 HeadRoom Audio Portable Desktop Amp (v.1)

This is one product we were happy to eventually replace with an improved version! The first generation of the HeadRoom Audio 'Portable Desktop Amp' did not use internal rechargeable batteries; you had to lug around a four D-cell battery brick which only lasted about 6-7 hours. Yikes. The Portable Desktop Amp/DAC fit nicely into a convenient spot on your home desktop, office desk or computer station. You could then unplug the sucker for listening on the move!
Discontinued 2008
Portable Desktop Manual (pdf)

The HeadRoom Audio 'Max' & 'Home' Amp Lines

These HeadRoom Audio top flagship products were very impressive to behold as well to hear.  They were incredibly cool, but ultimately we were happy to roll up all this excellent sound performance and ridiculous high-quality construction into our more affordable, much more reasonably sized HeadRoom 'Desktop Line' of products. The HeadRoom Max Balanced Amp pictured below could drive 4 standard single-ended headphones or two balanced-drive/XLR configured headphones and weighed in at a behemoth 19 pounds!

HeadRoom Audio Max Balanced Amp

The HeadRoom Audio top-of-the-line flagship Max Balanced amplifier is nothing short of an all-out assault on the staid world of high end headphone amplification. It serves as the gleaming culmination of our long HeadRoom quest to create the very best headphone sound quality, bar none. By driving headphones via stereo left/right XLR cabling, we discovered balanced-drive improves imaging, transparency and overall soundstage clarity.
Discontinued 2008
Max Balanced Amp Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Max Amp (single-ended version)

The HeadRoom Max Amp is nothing short of an all-out assault on the staid, boring world of audiophile headphone audio amplification. The Max Amp is the gleaming culmination of HeadRoom Audio's long quest to create the finest headphone amp sound quality available anywhere. The Max Amp makes your best headphones sing with unfettered joy. Your ears will love what they hear.
Discontinued 2008
Max Amp Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Balanced Home Amp

The Balanced Home Amp takes the regular HeadRoom Home Amp's acoustic performance up a big notch by driving headphones via stereo left/right XLR cabling. HeadRoom Audio discovered that balanced-drive improves the imaging, transparency and the overall soundstage clarity of top re-wired audiophile headphones.
Discontinued 2008
Balanced Home Amp Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Home Amp (single-ended version)

The HeadRoom Home Amp is a highly refined route to personal audio bliss. A lively open soundstage, ultra punchy response and emotionally expressive dynamics are the musical hallmarks of the HeadRoom Home Amp. 
Discontinued 2008
Home Amp Manual (pdf)

Generation I –  HeadRoom Audio 'Micro Line' Products

This was our first generation of HeadRoom Audio's Micro Amp / Micro DAC products. They ran only on battery power which was great when on the road, but a hassle to lug around and constantly buy multiple sets of 9-volt batteries. Hence, it was not the greatest amp for office or home use, so we listened to our customer requests and eventually made both battery-powered and AC-specific Micro Line products.

We then offered the 2nd Gen rechargeable Portable Micro Amp (available with or without an internal DAC), as well as an AC-powered Micro Amp unit and an AC-powered Micro DAC unit, which could be used either as individual separate components or paired as a 'mini-stack' Micro amp/Micro DAC combo.

HeadRoom Audio 2005 Micro Amp (v.1) 9-volt battery version

The HeadRoom Micro Amp found a convenient tiny spot on your desktop or nightstand and the variety of options and upgrades allowed you to configure it as the perfect interface between your world of media and the space between your ears.
Discontinued 2008
Micro Amp Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio 2005 Micro DAC (v.1) 9-volt battery version

The HeadRoom Micro DAC unit is the perfect companion for your computer or other digital audio device. Using Cirrus Logic's flagship digital to analog converter (DAC) chip, it precisely reconstructs and improves the analog audio signal heard through your best headphones.
Discontinued 2008
Micro DAC Manual (pdf)

The HeadRoom Audio 'Mobile Line' Products

At one point in the mid-2000s, we had 8 products in our HeadRoom Audio Mobile Line, the AirHead, Total AirHead, BitHead, and Total BitHead, all available in either black or clear cases. We were able to improve sound quality and reduce price when we consolidated these units into just 2 versions, the Total AirHead and Total BitHead. 

HeadRoom AirHead / Total AirHead

The HeadRoom AirHead is the smallest and lightest portable headphone amplifier and processor in our line. You will hear a solid improvement in a high-quality headphone's ability to resolve musical detail, deliver tight bass and present a more natural audio image. The HeadRoom Total AirHead features all the same functionality as our standard HeadRoom AirHead, but with better internal components you will experience audibly upgraded sound quality.
Discontinued 2008
AirHead & Total AirHead Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom BitHead / Total BitHead

The HeadRoom BitHead is a portable headphone amplifier that can be used both with a portable music player via analog line input or with a computer or laptop as a USB audio device. The HeadRoom Total BitHead features all the same functionality as our standard BitHead, but with better internal components you will experience upgraded sound quality.
Discontinued 2008
BitHead & Total BitHead Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Limited Edition Amps, spring 2005

These cute little amps can be considered the precursors to our first generation of HeadRoom Audio 'Micro Line' products. However, we only made 200 of each, so these are old-school collector items nowadays!

HeadRoom Coda Amp (limited edition)

The HeadRoom Coda Amp is the classy finishing touch to our entire product line of aluminum enclosure amps. The HeadRoom Micro Amp is now the successor to the limited-edition HeadRoom Coda Amp.
Discontinued 2005

Coda Amp & Overture DAC (pdf)

HeadRoom Overture DAC (limited edition)

The HeadRoom Overture DAC was the first time we paired up digital to analog conversion with headphone amplification. It was certainly not the last.
Discontinued 2005
Coda Amp & Overture DAC (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Generation II: 2001-2005 Line

Now we're stepping into the way-back machine to a previous life — the audio world before digital. OK not totally, but certainly before the iPod or computer listening really took off.  We still talk to many customers who own amps from this line and use them on a daily basis — our HeadRoom Audio products really do stand the test of time!

HeadRoom Audio 'Little Amp'

The HeadRoom Little is our introductory home or office amp. It is a non-portable amp that is conveniently small and matches up well with any headphone from the Grado SR60 to the Sennheiser HD600 or HD650. The Little is perfect for someone who doesn't have a headphone jack, or someone who wants to improve the sound of the headphone jack on their home audio equipment.
Discontinued 2005
Little Amp Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio 'Little More Power' Source

The HeadRoom More Power is the power-supply upgrade for the Little HeadRoom Amp. The Little More Power combo approaches the type of sound quality achieved with the Home unit. It offers tight bass, sweeter mids, and very good detail – we actually were a bit shocked at the improvement.
Discontinued 2005
Little More Power Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio 'Base Station One' Power Source

The HeadRoom Base Station One is perfect for use with your HeadRoom Supreme or HeadRoom Cosmic Amp in a home or office environment. It is a very clean power supply that will work wonders for your electronics. It is designed to supply +/- 15 volts regulated power to our Supreme and Cosmic amps.
Discontinued 2005

HeadRoom Audio Supreme Amp

The HeadRoom Audio Supreme is indeed supreme at creating warm high-fidelity sound for the mobile traveler. If your primary need is an amp for traveling, the Supreme is all the amp you'll need, plus it still fits in nicely at home with a high-end system. The Supreme offers detailed, audiophile-quality sound and its supple tone is forgiving of mild audio inadequacies, making it suitable for a wide range of portable players from the mediocre to the very best. This amp was powered with an external 'brick' power supply, which housed four heavy D-cell batteries and ran for about 7-8 hours.
Discontinued 2005
Supreme Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Cosmic Amp

Stunningly in the same audio performance class as the giant HeadRoom Audio 'Max' and 'Maxed Out Home' units, the HeadRoom Cosmic is our very best amp for portable use. The Cosmic takes full advantage of the superb premium internal module and highlights our other audio advances with high-end component design, allowing it to be a fast, highly detailed and wonderfully articulate portable headphone amp. There is nothing remotely like it anywhere. The sound is simply drop-dead gorgeous.

The classic and deeply beloved HeadRoom Audio Cosmic Headphone Amp is the namesake inspiration for our new HeadRoom Audio Cosmic Headphone!
Discontinued 2005
Cosmic Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Home Amp

The HeadRoom Home Amp puts its money into audio components instead of cosmetics.  It has an Avel-Lindberg toroidal transformer in the power-supply – very brawny.  It has dual headphone jacks, but only one volume control. So to achieve the same sound level when using two headphones, the headphones must be matched in impedance and sensitivity.
Discontinued 2005
Home Manual (pdf)

HeadRom Audio Maxed Out Home Amp

The HeadRoom Maxed Out Home looks like a Home Amp but sounds comparable to the Max Amp.  The Maxed Out Home unit is a touch warmer-sounding than the Max. Of course its maybe lacking a bit in the cosmetic style department, but overall it presents a sonic representation that is very convincingly similar to the Max.
Discontinued 2005
Maxed Out Home Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Max Amp

The HeadRoom Max is our Home amp on audio growth hormones: Nobel pot, dual-mono power supply back to the shared Avel-Lindberg toroidal transformer, Burr-Brown 627 op-amps, dual- mono advanced HeadRoom modules, polyphenoline sulfide film capacitors, Neutrik headphone jacks, pseudo-Litz stranded circuit board traces. Man, that is a lot of good stuff in one HeadRoom Audio headphone amp!
Discontinued 2005
The Max Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio BlockHead Amp

The HeadRoom BlockHead is the world's first fully balanced, double dual-mono, mono-block headphone amplifier. Exclusively engineered and manufactured by HeadRoom Audio. This innovative design was the very first balanced-drive headphone amp available in the headphone industry!
Discontinued 2005
BlockHead Manual (pdf)

The HeadRoom Audio Switch 

The HeadRoom Audio Switch was exactly just that – a dead-quiet, silent switching box unit that simply allowed you to connect up to three audio sources via RCA inputs, and switch easily between them using the knob on the front panel.
Discontinued 2005

Generation II – The HeadRoom Audio 'Mobile Line'

This was the second iteration of our entry-level plastic enclosure portable amps.

AirHead and Total AirHead

The HeadRoom AirHead is the smallest and lightest portable headphone amplifier and processor in our line. You will hear a wonderful improvement in a high-quality headphone’s ability to resolve musical detail, deliver deep, tight bass and present a more natural audio image. The HeadRoom Total AirHead had all the same functionality as it's little brother, but better internal components to provide enhanced sound quality.
Discontinued 2005
AirHead and Total AirHead Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom Audio Generation I: The 1990′s

This is where our HeadRoom corporate records - and our memory - gets a little fuzzy. We will continue to add some of these historical products to the archive as we are able. If you own something from this era not pictured below, please email and we'll gladly add it.

HeadRoom AirHead

The HeadRoom AirHead is the smallest and lightest portable headphone amplifier and processor in our line. You will hear a wonderful improvement in a high-quality headphone’s ability to resolve musical detail, deliver deep, tight bass and present a more natural audio image.
AirHead and Total AirHead Manual (pdf)

HeadRoom AirHead (Initial Prototype Run)

Our first prototype HeadRoom AirHead amp was initially released in limited quantities with 9-volt batteries and was in production for a very short period of time.

Wheatfield HA-1 Amp

Okay, these really aren't HeadRoom Audio products  But we were the exclusive dealer of these fine amps for a short period of time, so we thought we'd include them in our archive. The Wheatfield HA-1 was a really nice little tube amp striking an excellent balance between the characteristically warm tube sound and being dynamic and punchy. We thought it better than its big brother, the Wheatfield HA-2, for most rock and contemporary studio-recorded music.
Wheatfield HA-1 Manual (pdf)

Wheatfield HA-2 Amp

One of the things we really like to do is hook up this Wheatfield amp when we're listening to raspy old LP records and poorly recorded CDs because this headphone amp will sweeten just about anything.  Delivering a true lush deep tube sound, this amp is an old-timey audiophile delight.

The HeadRoom Audio Max Amp - version 1

One of the original flagship HeadRoom Audio headphone amplifiers.  The HeadRoom Max is our Home amp on growth hormones:  Nobel pot, dual-mono power supply back to the shared Avel-Lindberg toroidal transformer, Burr-Brown 627 op-amps, dual-mono premium HeadRoom audio modules, polyphenoline sulfide film capacitors, Neutrik headphone jacks, pseudo-Litz stranded circuit board traces.  The Max is also equipped with a pair of line-level RCA output output jacks which allows it to be used as a class A/B pre-amp too.
Discontinued 1999

The HeadRoom Audio Home Amp - version 1

The HeadRoom Home Amp has an audiophile-quality linear power supply that really lets the internal electronic module show its funky high-end stuff.
Discontinued 1999

The HeadRoom Audio Supreme (2nd revision)

We think the HeadRoom Supreme will be around for a long, long time. Oh sure, it may go through a few changes; and maybe you'll be able to get it in different colors someday. The perfect partner at the office, assistant in the kitchen, or helpful workmate in the shop.
Discontinued 1999

The HeadRoom Audio Little Amp

Think of the Little just like our Supreme amp, but with all of the extra money taken out of it and the performance left in. The Little one uses exactly the same electronics module as the Supreme, but lacks the DC-to-DC Converter, battery holders, and enclosure needed to make the Supreme portable.
Discontinued 1999

The HeadRoom Audio Static Crossfeed 

The Static provided HeadRoom Crossfeed for listeners who owned electrostatic headphones, such as Stax.
Discontinued 1999

The Very First HeadRoom Audio Products -  The Standard, The Supreme, The Premium, and The Jelly Bean

The HeadRoom Standard Amp

The HeadRoom Standard Amp is the best unit for general portable audiophile use. It is best for people who want very high quality sound and own a really good headphone, but don't want to be tied to the wall socket for power.

The HeadRoom Premium Amp

The Premium is for people who appreciate the qualities found in top Audiophile category equipment. If you will be using HeadRoom mostly at home or in the office, and have very good headphones, this is the unit for you.

The HeadRoom Supreme Amp

The HeadRoom Supreme Amp is built for true Audiophiles listening at home or office. It uses the same electronics as the HeadRoom Premium unit but includes a switchable near-ear emphasis filter. It also uses extremely high-quality capacitors and resistors on the main circuit board.

The HeadRoom Jelly Bean

The JellyBean included a CD transport, de-jitter electronics, DAC, HeadRoom Home amp, and API AC filtering all in an Anvil air certified case. Each one is custom, so you can fit all kinds of stuff in it.

About HeadRoom Audio Crossfeed Circuitry

HeadRoom Crossfeed

Headphones are actually capable of much more accurate sound than speakers on a performance-per-dollar basis. Why, then, don’t people use headphones more extensively for high-end listening? The answer, we believe, is that there are some fundamentally unnatural things about the way you perceive the location of the sounds you hear on headphones, and that artificiality gets in the way of having a gratifying listening experience.

HeadRoom CrossfeedScientists and engineers have been working on the problem of correcting headphone imaging for a long time, but there was never a large enough economic justification to put the necessary resources into the issue. Today, that's all changed: the incredible growth in portable player use; the huge numbers of people using headphones with computers or smartphones; and the highly mobile lifestyle of today’s music fan has made headphone listening a significant area for serious research and development dollars. The massive improvements in headphone sound quality performance is another big reason crossfeed technology has blossomed.
HeadRoom Crossfeed


In the 1990s and 2000s, commercial interest in solving the psycho-acoustic problems of headphones grew steadily and now a number of audio companies like HeadRoom develop crossfeed products and technologies intended to make sound more natural and truly 'life-like' on headphones.