HeadRoom Cosmic Planar Magnetic Headphone

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Designed by Engineers, for Engineers. 

Coming Summer 2017!

For more information read the blog at HeadRoomAudio.com

The HeadRoom Cosmic Headphone is engineered, designed and built by 25-year headphone industry experts in beautiful Montana USA.

  • Custom HeadRoom Audio 70mm Planar Magnetic Drivers
  • Professional-Grade Sound Quality Performance with Precision Musical Accuracy 
  • HeadRoom SweetSpot™ Tuning Technology 
  • Sealed Back Circumaural Over-Ear Construction
  • Premium Hardwood Ear Cups with Plush Leather Pads and Detachable 7ft Cable
  • Comfortable Lightweight Slim-Profile Full Size Design
  • Engineered, Built and Tuned in Montana USA by Audiophile Headphone Experts
  • Manufacturer Direct-to-Consumer Pricing Delivers Unmatched Value
  • Free 5-Year ‘Repair or Replace’ HeadRoom Audio Product Warranty

After three decades in the headphone industry spent listening to everyone else’s headphones, we know we can do it better at a lower cost.

The HeadRoom Cosmic is a true reference headphone built and tuned by experts who use the world’s top headphones every single day. Our Montana-based team of professional musicians, studio producers, recordists, writers and audio geeks are obsessed with getting as close to the sound as the artist. Music always comes first for us.

Over the past 3 years, we’ve traveled all over the planet to generate a series of Cosmic headphone prototypes, each sounding better and better than the last. We consulted with the best audio scientists and industry leaders in the world to painstakingly research and develop the Cosmic’s highly dynamic, deeply musical and precisely accurate signature sound.

We are the original designers, engineers and exclusive manufacturer of the HeadRoom Cosmic Headphone so we can offer an extreme level of quality and audio performance at a fraction of the cost of other audiophile headphones. We manufacture our HeadRoom Cosmic headphone right here in Montana USA and we only sell it direct to you. So we completely eliminate outrageous middleman mark-ups.

The HeadRoom Cosmic headphone has zero gimmicks, just sweet looks and accurate luxury sound geared for the discerning ears of producers and music lovers. So if you're looking for hipster biometric-sensing, Bluetooth wireless active battery powered noise-cancelling headphones in bright neon colors, this ain't it.

We started our business with the singular goal of delivering the best headphone sound we possibly could to audio consumers and music freaks everywhere. Yeah we're a bit biased, but we think no headphone we’ve heard yet will take you on a sonic trip to the producer’s chair at Abbey Road or Electric Ladyland Studios or place you behind the board mixing a Daft Punk or Neil Young album like the HeadRoom Cosmic planar magnetic headphone.

HeadRoom SweetSpot™ Technology - We created an uncolored, responsively accurate and precise tuning for the HeadRoom Audio Cosmic headphone that puts you in the center of the musical 'sweet spot' at all times. The HeadRoom Audio Cosmic headphone shows you exactly what's in the music sans excess, exaggeration or bloat. With the Cosmic headphone, your head becomes the perfect listening room without frequency reflections or acoustic wave reverberations muddying the clarity and emotional access to the genuine truth of the music. You will feel completely inside the sound in a totally new way and songs you've heard a million times will become brand-new again. It's truly a 'cosmic' high-end listening experience... And if that's not some serious headphone fun, we don't know what is!


Q: I'd rather buy them with pleather rather than leather ear cups. Will that be an option?

A: Yes, we plan on making both synthetic and real leather ear pads.

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